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Site Updates November 1998

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in November 1998

November 30
new Added a page for Virgin's Best Glam Rock Album In The World Ever!, including a review from Dara O'Kearney.

November 29
new Dr Strange sent in a Space Oddity MOD file as his new composition.

November 28
new Added a new online mailing lists/newsletters section to list available email lists for the Bowie fan.

November 27
updated Ruud's discography moves to version 8.3.1.

November 26
updated Updated information about the most recent issue of the fanzine The Voyeur.

November 25
new Dara has an extensive summary of this month's Uncut magazine Bowie references.

November 24
new Philippe sent in scans from the RCA Press Kit released in the 70's.

November 23
new Grazia (via Stefano) sent in six close up pictures of Bowie from the Supper Club, NY concert of last year.

November 22
new Gary McDonnell set in a setlist for the first rehearsal concert of the 1991 Tin Machine tour at Baggott Inn, Dublin. Gary says the tracklist may not be complete as it was pretty hectic trying to cram 1,500 people into a venue with capacity of only 200.

November 20
new Mookid sent in a scan from the China Girl single.

November 18
new Added Chapter 13 of The Story.

November 17
new Philippe Auliac sent in a set of photos which he took at Victoria Station on May 2, 1976 upon Bowie's return from Berlin (along with the infamous Hitler salute and large Mercedes).

November 16
new Added a page for the WBCN Naked Too album.
new Martyn Alcott sent in three pictures he took at the Birmingham Sound+Vision concert.

November 15
new Awarded the Links2Go award.

November 14
new Added Chapter 12 of The Story.

November 13Friday 13
new Dave sent in another scan of the ticket for the 1983 US Festival, as well as correcting the venue name for Fresno, 1978.

November 12
updated A slight update to version 8.2.1 of Ruud's discography.

November 10
updated An email from Rob prompted me to go revisit the lyrics to If There Is Something, which I swear must be one of Bowie's best slurring efforts ever. However, I think I have at least all but maybe one or two words correct now (note, it's quite different from Roxy Music's original version).
new Shai sent in scans of Liz's backstage passes for 1996's Tel Aviv concert.

November 9
new Added Chapter 11 of The Story.

November 6
new Eric sent in the setlist for the second show of the Sound + Vision tour.

November 5
new Added Chapter 10 of The Story.

November 4
new Added an initial page for Whats Really Happening, which of course will need to be filled in later :)

November 3
new Rachel sent in a new poem Thirteen Ways of Looking at David Bowie.

November 2
new Added Chapter 9 of The Story.

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