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Site Updates December 1998

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in December 1998

December 30
new Ernst sent in scans of artwork which appeared in the Panic In Detroit fanzine..

December 28
new Gilly sent in photos from the Glass Spider tour at Philadelphia.

December 24
new A small update to Ruud's discography is now online, now at v8.4.1.

December 23
new Twenty-six years ago today, Bowie performed a xmas benefit concert at the Rainbow Theatre in London. Dave Priest sent in the display card from the concert promotion.

December 22
new Gwin sent in her close encounter(s) story.

December 20
new Another chapter added in the ongoing The Story!

December 19
new Antoine sent in a critical essay he wrote for school on what David Bowie means to him.

December 17
new Read the Mick Rock and Tony Visconti chat transcript from December 17.
new Helena Mutak sent in some pieces of fan artwork.

December 16
new Version 8.4 of Ruud's discography is now online.

December 15
new Heather sent in a seasonal poetry entry called Rockin' at a David Bowie Concert, which is to be sung to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

December 14
new Ruud sent in the scan and track listing for the 1990 soundtrack for Pretty Woman.

December 13
new ZiggySpaceGirl sent in a very amusing caricature of Jareth, the Goblin King.

December 11
new Another chapter added in the ongoing The Story!

December 10
new Read the Gail Ann Dorsey chat transcript from December 10.

December 9
new Dara has a summary of this month's Uncut magazine Bowie references.

December 7
new urban@connectnet.com pointed out a link to the complete script of Labyrinth.

December 6
new Artwork from Denim Deity.

December 4
new Ruud contributed a scan for the YAPC (Yet Another Pointless Compilation) out of Germany called (just so as not to confuse anyone) Space Oddity.

December 3
new Kaz sent in another painting, this one of Ashes To Ashes.

December 2
new Another chapter added in the ongoing The Story!

December 1
new Leigh sent in a transcript of the Planet Rock Profile interview which appeared on UK TV last week (this must have appeared previously in 1997 - if anyone has the original screening date, I would appreciate it).

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