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Site Updates January 1999

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in January 1999

January 31
Dara O'Kearney sent in the January edition of Chartwatch with the first numbers from Survive.

January 30
K'ro sent in a piece of visual art.

January 29
Ysengrin contributed another Bowie cartoon.

January 28
Hallu sent in the lyrics for I Wanna Be Your Dog.

January 27
Robert Reinstein sent in some early pictures; one from the Royal Festival Hall, 1969 and another concert poster for the 1970 Ivor Novello Awards (what a lineup!)

January 26
Updates to Ruud's Illustrated db Discography now at v10.5.2.

January 25
Terry Kim sent in scans of the cover and labels of the Australian "Heroes" single release.

January 24
Brooke Nilsson sent in an alienation poem for the poetry section.

January 23
Julian Priest sent in two pieces of artwork along with an explanation.

January 22
Patti sent in the scans for that rarest-of-rare collectibles, the all instrumentals Xmas gift All Saints.

January 20
Christi (aka Froggy) sent in a poetry contribution.

January 18
Lady Saffron sent in a poetry contribution.

January 16
Ruud sent in a scan of the cover of December 1999's PowerPlay magazine from Australia.

January 15
Ernst sent in two nice quality pictures from the Vienna 1999 concert.

January 12
Ricardo sent in some corrections to the missing lyrics of How Lucky You Are.

January 11
GeorgiGirl sent in her pencil Ziggy sketch.

January 10
Sadira sent in a Labyrinth poem.

January 8
Kevin McGowin sent in his sex dreams series.

January 4
Some minor updates to Ruud's Illustrated db Discography now brings it to v10.5.1.

January 1
Jo Hartley sent in a poem to start off the new year titled If Only.

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