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Site Updates February 1999

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in February 1999

February 28
Added a transcript of yesterday's Boy George chat at BowieNet.

February 26
Jalber sent in some corrections to the German lyrics or Helden!

February 25
Yet another picture from the Brit Awards show, this one with the elusive Duncan Bowie and father.

February 24
Don sent in one more picture from the Brit Awards show, this time from a professional photographer, and also looking a bit more ragged than he does just on the video screen.

February 23
The final installment in the fan story is now online.

February 22
Ernst sent in seven scans of pictures from throughout Bowie's era. Go to the Pictures section to take a look.

February 21
Ruud sent in scans of the Zoo Magazine promo from Greece which appeared in January 1998. The promo CD is particularly intriguing because it features a picture of the original Space Oddity 7" vinyl imprinted on the CD itself.

February 20
Svein sent in five more ticket scans, from Gothenburg, 1983, Copenhagen, 1989, Berlin, 1990, Stuttgart, 1990 and Oslo, 1991.

February 19
Mark sent in his review of the tribute album Goth Oddity

February 18
Stefano sent in a scan of the most recent issue of the Italian fanzine Velvet Goldmine along with details on how to subscribe.

February 17
new Added the penultimate Chapter 20 of the infamous Fan Story.

February 16
new Svein sent in scans of tickets from the Sound+Vision tour at Frankfurt and Hamburg.

February 15
new Added latest information on The Voyeur fanzine, together with a link to their new website.

February 14
new Kaz sent in another piece of art, this one composed of three pieces of painted glass.

February 13
new Jim Switzer sent in a computer generated piece of artwork, and after a lengthy hiatus, ZiggyManiac sends in three more sketches.

February 12
new I made some wide-ranging changes to the Concert Goers and Tickets pages (moved to a new database, and rearranged). If you run into problems using them for the Brit Awards Show or the Gisborne 2000 Concert, let me know.

February 11
new Tony sent in setlists for Adelaide from the 1983 tour and 1978 tour.

February 10
new Ryoji sent in setlists for Serious Moonlight tour dates in Osaka and Kyoto.

February 9
new Added Chapter 19 of the infamous Fan Story.

February 7
new Added pictures from Bianca of the European VH-1 launch plus a picture from 1996 in Hamburg.

February 5
new Added the transcript of the "rebel rebel format" Mike Garson chat.

February 3
new Added Chapter 18 of the infamous Fan Story.

February 2
update Dara sent in another chartwatch to examine how Bowie's albums are selling..

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