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Site Updates March 1999

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in March 1999

March 31
Bart and Ruud sent in details on the Do They Know It's Christmas charity single from 1984.

March 30
Ben sent in the transcript and scans of pictures from an article which appeared in The Face, from November 1980 after the release of Scary Monsters.

March 29
Heather sent in a short story about a chance meeting with Bowie after one of his concerts.

March 28
OVAL sent in the original French version, and Gwin thankfully translated this Rock & Folk interview from December 1998.

March 27
Ben sent in the transcript and scans from the October 1979 Trouser Press which has an interesting look at the view of Bowie's work in the 70s as seen from a late 70's perspective.

March 26
Jean-Marie sent in six pictures of Bowie from the filming of The Man Who Fell To Earth.

March 25
Ben sent in the transcript and scans from the February 1977 Trouser Press, a view from one of many disgruntled Bowie fans in the 70s.

March 24
Gordon added a few more snaps of his encounter with Bowie during the filming of Everybody Loves Sunshine.

March 22
Stephanie sent in a poem titled And Only.

March 21
Ben sent in the transcript and scans from the June 1974 issue of Rock Magazine, featuring an interview with Bowie on the release of his Diamond Dogs album. A fascinating look at the Mainman years.

March 20
Kaz sent in another piece of her artwork.

March 19
Ernst sent in pictures from 1973, 1991 and a scan from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.

March 18
Ben sent in a transcription of an article from the July 1972 Words and Music, which features a good retrospective of Bowie's career to that date as he was seen in the popular press.

March 17
HexGirl contributed three pieces of her Bowie art with a link to more on her site.

March 15
Version 9.0 of Ruud Alternburg's discography makes its debut. Now with cover scans, a 12" section, and a revamped look!

March 14
Ben sent in the pictures and transcription of the 1976 People Magazine cover and interview.

March 13
Len set in the setlist for Toronto's Sound+Vision concert.

March 12
Ben sent in a couple of very nice scans of the red suit from the Glass Spider Tour.

March 11
Ernst sent in sets of pictures, one from the Konrads era, and the other from Basquiat.

March 10
Ben sent in scans of the picture disc versions of Loving The Alien.
Dara sent in the March edition of the chartwatch, including a feature on how well Bowie is selling at Amazon.com.

March 8
Jennifer sent in a piece of art titled Bowie in Blue.

March 7
Lena sent in two pieces of her artwork.

March 6
Brian sent in a scan of the cover of Rock Concert, a semi-legal release by RCA of a one disc version of David Live.

March 5
Gordon sent in pictures from last year's filming of Everybody Loves Sunshine in the Isle of Man.

March 4
Halldor sent in a composition of Bowie performing live during the years.

March 3
Catalina sent in a collage of images from the 20th Century Boy performance.

March 2
Ernst sent in two pictures from 1973 and one of the Glass Spider red suit in 1987.

March 1
Andrea sent in a sketch of The Man Who Fell To Earth.

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