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Site Updates April 1999

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in April 1999

April 30
Commenced a Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Gisborne (but were afraid to ask) page for Teenage Wildlifers who are already, or are thinking about, going to the Gisborne 2000 concert.

April 28
Ruud has a small update to version 9.0.2 of his interactive db discography.

April 27
Jorgen sent in scans of the front and back of the original 1967 David Bowie US release, which is notable for being in mono, and omitting two songs from the UK release.

April 26
Mark sent in scans of the CD single for the European release of Black Tie White Noise.

April 25
Dara sent in the Bowie mentions in this month's Uncut Magazine.

April 22
Krazy sent in her "mismatched" art.

April 21
David sent in more photos from the Thin White Duke era, together with a stamp from Zaire.

April 20
Danielmybrother sent in a piece of his Photoshop art.

April 19
David Phipps sent in two photos from Loaded magazine, which show Bowie at a 1976 party in Peter Sellers' Hollywood home. An impromptu jam session with Ron Wood and Keith Moon has Bowie playing saxophone.

April 18
Dara sent in the Bowie mentions in this month's Q Magazine.

April 16
Caroline sent in her own oil on canvas rendition of "Heroes".

April 15
Jean Marie sent in her interpretation of what the Earthling cover should have been like.

April 13
Philippe Auliac contributed four new pictures from 1976.

April 12
ZigDust sent in a correction on the RCA Lifetime series of picture disc releases.

April 10
Straffer sent in a poem in both Dutch and English versions, written in 1991 (before Bowie had his teeth fixed!)

April 9
Jalber sent in some lyric corrections for Over The Wall We Go, together with some fixes for the German portions of Baal.

April 6
Alys sent in a piece of fan fiction titled Hallo Spaceboy

April 4
Ben sent in scans and transcripts of an article from the June 1987 Music & Sound Output. Of particular interest is Bowie's own take on the songs on his new album at the time, Never Let Me Down. In a prophetic statement, Bowie refers to Too Dizzy as "It's a throwaway!".

April 3
Markus sent in scans of the front, back and CD of last year's Coca Cola Surge promotional disc which was distributed to a couple of hundred thousand US households.

April 2
Ernst sent in three more pictures from the Loreley Festival concert on the Outside Tour.

April 1
Version 9.0.1 of Ruud's illustrated db discography is now online.

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