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Site Updates May 1999

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in May 1999

May 31
Tony Green sent in a scan of the original LA premiere flyer for Christiane F., and an Italian movie poster for Just A Gigolo.

May 30
Artur sent in four scans from the artwork for the Aladdin Sane album.

May 29
Danielle sent in a decal which she has attached to the back of her car.

May 28
Artur sent in five pictures taken on the Diamond Dogs tour.

May 27
Jennifer sent in 7 new pieces of artwork for her art page.

May 26
Karel sent in a piece of art inspired by the What's Really Happening broadcast.

May 25
Added a page for the Stigmata Soundtrack.

May 23
David E. sent in scans of the Berklee commencement program, along with a report on the concert and the actual graduation for the Dr. Bowie page.

May 20
The case of the missing 1978 New Zealand concerts has been solved thanks to Mike Harvey. We now have entries for QE2 Park, Christchurch and Western Springs, Auckland.

May 19
Karel sent in 11 more pieces of Bowie artwork for her fan contributed art page.

May 16
Added scans and track listings for Tin Machine Radio Session CD which was the Esprit giveaway prize this past month.

May 15
Sofo sent in a setlist and details on Bowie's 1996 Athens concert.

May 12
Katie sent in a drawing for a new fan contribution section - the humour pages.

May 10
Teri sent in three of her poems for the fan contributions section. (from Teri)

May 9
Lena sent in some more artwork.

May 8
Barbara sent in a sketch of Bowie from Scary Monsters.

May 7
Ernst sent in many more pictures from various eras - including Bowie and Iggy in Russia, Scary Monsters photo sessions, a half naked shot from the Tin Machine tour, a half-crazed shot from the Outside photo sessions and a Reeves and db stage shot from the Earthling tour.

May 6
Added an entry for the Placebo concert in Irving Plaza, along with lyrics for Without You I'm Nothing.

May 5
Ernst sent in two pictures from the Tin Machine concert at The Docks, Hamburg.

May 4
Laura Kwerel sent in a copy of her college application essay titled Strange Fascination.

May 3
A mailing list for fans interested in Gisborne 2000 has been created. Visit the information page to find out how to subscribe and post to the list.

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