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Site Updates June 1999

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in June 1999

June 30
Tara sent in a Bowie poem titled Night Mists.

June 29
Added an entry for Detroit Rock City in the soundtracks section.

June 28
Danielle sent in pictures of her Bowie lunchbox and Bowie bedroom.

June 27
Finally updated the last remaining radio appearances to use the correct format.

June 25
Dara returns with June's Uncut Watch and Q Watch, those veritable cornucopias of Bowie references.

June 24
Added the Mark Plati BowieNet chat transcript.

June 22
Added the press release for "hours..."

June 21
Finally added a scan of the cover for the Whatever and Hackers 2 soundtracks, plus the One Step Up, Two Steps Back Bruce Springsteen tribute album.

June 20
Jennifer sent in a new piece of artwork titled Cas.

June 19
David sent in scans of the tickets from Frejus, 1983, Barcelona, 1987 and Zaragoza, 1997, along with pictures from Paris, 1983 and Barcelona, 1987.

June 18
Added a little section to the end of the biography page to bring it more up to date.

June 16
Martyn sent in a scan of the cover and associated details for Castle Music's I Dig Everything - the 1966 Pye Singles compilation release.

June 15
Mike is moving to Europe and has to close down his animated Bowie startup logo site. So he graciously contributed them to the fan contributions page for all to enjoy while he's away.

June 13
Heather M sent in another fan-fic story, this one an alternate ending to Labyrinth.

June 12
Added a page for Omikron: The Nomad Soul, the CD-ROM game due out for PCs in late 1999. Scans courtesy of Spidey and Matt.

June 9
Ryoji sent in the setlist from Mountain View, CA, 1990.

June 8
BowieNet has a public link up to a one minute RealPlayer clip from Everybody Loves Sunshine

June 7
Bonster sent in a scan of the press pass for the What's Really Happening cybercast.

June 6
Lena sent in some more fan artwork.

June 5
Stefano sent in scans of the setlists as used by the band for the Earthling Pistoia and Brescia concerts.

June 4
Tony Green sent in scans of the embossed vinyl disc label for the French Héros release.

June 3
Mark Lloyd sent in two pieces of humorous artwork.

June 2
Egon sent in the lyrics to the bawdy Dirty Song off the Baal soundtrack.

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