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Site Updates July 1999

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in July 1999

July 31
A small update to Ruud's illustrated Bowie discography.

July 30
Jennifer sent in another picture of Bowie in old London.

July 29
Halldor sent in a brochure distributed for Bowie's first ever concert in Russia.

July 28
Created pages for the two live Iggy Pop albums featuring Bowie as a member of his touring band, TV Eye, and Sister Midnight.

July 26
Mark sent in two more pieces of art for his fan contribution.

July 25
Fridaaaaa sent in scans of photos from Oor Magazine taken in 1993 (Ed: and used for the recent Mercedes ad)

July 23
Ruud Altenburg has updated his interactive db discography to version 9.1. As always, Ruud welcomes any further assistance in making his discography as complete as possible.

July 22
Jalber S. and Tura sent in a scan of the Buddha of Suburbia single from 1993.

July 20
Jennifer sent in four more pictures for her artwork section.

July 19
Daniel Swedin sent in four more pieces of artwork for the fan contributions section.

July 18
Einar sent in a bit of trivia for early versions of Kooks.

July 17
Halldor sent in the setlist for the final Los Angeles concert of the Glass Spider tour.

July 15
Teresa sent in an additional six MIDIs for the new MIDI section.

July 14
Johanna sent in three pictures from the Earthling Toronto concert.

July 13
Dara contributed two UK magazine watches, the July Uncut, and the August Q (featuring Bowie at #6 in their list of the 100 greatest musicians of the 20th century).

July 11
David B. has his own contribution (indirectly via Aki) in the humour section.

July 9
Future Legend sent in a piece of Bowie artwork.

July 8
Dennis McCann, a professional artist who specialises in celebrities, has contributed one of his pieces. He also has his own web site at paperdragonstudios.com.

July 7
Jennifer sent in two new pieces of artwork.

July 6
Could Bowie really be in the next Star Wars movie? Check out Mikey's (aka Astroboy) possible interpretation of the Thin White Menace.

July 5
Sunne sent in six scans of snaps from the film The Man Who Fell To Earth.

July 4
Steve Espinola sent in corrected lyrics to that old Bowie staple Buzz The Fuzz.

July 3
Daniel sent in four black and white pictures inspired by Ziggy-era photos.

July 2
The July QWatch from Dara has a 4 star review of the EMI Millennium Vinyl release of Aladdin Sane.

July 1
Katrina sent in a Bowie joke.

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