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Site Updates August 1999

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in August 1999

August 31
Joseph Bailey sent in his Should Asked For An Autograph close encounter.

August 30
Added a page for last night's John Peel 60th Birthday video appearance, with contents courtesy of Alan. Note that it includes the full 3 minute performance from the Old Grey Whistle test.

August 29
Gay James sent in a signed copy of the setlist from the VH-1 Storytellers Taping.

August 28
Viv sent in a scan of the ticket advertisement for NetAid at Wembley, which Bowie once again headlines.

August 27
Spaceboy and Mikey sent in transcriptions for The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, which I've combined into a best guess.

August 26
Mikey sent in a ticket scan and a full review of the VH-1 Storytellers Taping.

August 25
Attempted lyrics from If I'm Dreaming My Life and Seven.

August 24
Rancell sent in his review of last night's Storytellers' Taping.

August 23
Added the scan of the cover for the Stigmata soundtrack.

August 22
Queen Bitch sent in an elegy for Gisborne.

August 21
StrangeDevine sent in her "close but no cigar" Bowie encounter.

August 19
Eric sent in a picture he took at the Toronto Earthling concert of the famous "star" glasses.

August 17
Added a page for the I Dig Everything 3 CD set.

August 16
Halldor sent in two of his watercolours of Bowie.

August 15
Added a page for the Saturday Night Live performance from 1979, which was mentioned in the August Uncut Watch.

August 14
Dara sent in the August Uncut Watch, the monthly report of Bowie mentions in Uncut magazine.

August 13
Dara sent in the September QWatch, the monthly report of Bowie mentions in Q Magazine.

August 12
Patrick Proctor sent in his best guess at the lyrics from the 50 second snippet of Survive.

August 11
Added an entry for the Thursday's Child single, now expected around September 27 in Europe.

August 9
Daniel Swedin sent in a setlist for Philadelphia, 1991.

August 6
Nine pieces of art from Baby Grace grace the Teenage Wildlife fan contributions section.

August 5
Another update to v9.2 for Ruud's illustrated Bowie discography.

August 4
Paul Roche sent in his collection of Bowie cinematic posters: The Man Who Fell To Earth, Just A Gigolo, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence and Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture.

August 3
BBJean sent in a Bowie portrait she drew last summer.

August 2
Iscariot Lox sent in eight pieces of art for the fan contributions section.

August 1
Daniel Swedin sent in three more pieces of artwork for the fan contributions section.
Patrick Redfield sent in the first stab at the lyrics in the 50 seconds of Thursday's Child

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