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Site Updates September 1999

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in September 1999

September 30
Added a link to a review from Salon Magazine for the Saturday Night Live - 25th Anniversary CD.

September 29
David Bolin (yes, another db!) has set up a Bowie tablature page and is rapidly adding more songs. There's also a separate Bowie tab page that includes lots of great Bowie songs. We've added them both to the music page to give alternatives to the declining OLGA (Online Guitar Archive).

September 28
Added a link to a Launch.com review of 'hours...'.

September 27
Eric Castaing sent in scans of all of the artwork from the UK CD 1 and CD 2 for Thursday's Child.

September 26
Rob Wheeler and Philippe Auliac sent in snaps from the Thursday's Child video.

September 25
Since I've had more than a few questions about it, I've added the superstitious "day of the week" birthday rhyme to the Thursday's Child trivia section.

September 24
BabyGrace sent in a transcription of lyrics for the electronic download bonus track No One Calls.

September 23
Michael R. and David S. sent in scans and information on the promo version of The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, which will be the first single in Japan, and possibly? the first single in Australia.
Ruud has updated the Illustrated db Discography to v10.1

September 22
Added the cover scan of the just release Saturday Night Live - 25 Years Vol 1 CD, which includes Bowie's live performance of Scary Monsters from 1997.

September 21
Arild sent in the lyrics for the B-side We Shall Go To Town from the Thursday's Child single, a song which Arild describes as "very good".

September 20
Iscariot Lox sent in another Bowie fan art contribution.

September 19
June sent in two photos of Bowie and Iman at the MTV Video Awards from Hello Magazine.

September 18
Halldor sent in a pencil drawing of the new look Bowie.

September 17
Added a scan of the Une Rentrée 99 CD from Les Inrockuptibles magazine sent in by Eric Castaing.

September 16
Created a new section for photographs from 1999.

September 15
Mistress Vampira sent in four of her pieces of Bowieart.

September 14
Erick Haight sent in this advance review of 'hours...'
Zig Dust sent in the lyrics from the new 'hours...' song Survive on the recent French Les Inrockuptibles sampler.

September 13
Ruud Altenburg's Illustrated Discography has moved to version 10.0. As always, Ruud welcomes contributions from readers.

September 11
Added the transcript from the Uncut interview along with Jeaj's scanned photos from the Q interview.

September 10
Added the pre-show interview with Kurt Loder to the MTV Video Awards show, along with some video snaps for those of you who are Quicktime-4 incompatible.

September 9
Stefano sent in a scan of the cover of Sean Mayes' We Can Be Heroes.

September 7
Zig Dust sent in his attempt at the Thursday's Child lyrics based on the video version.

September 6
Simone sent in a picture she took of the rain-soaked Leipzig concert on the Earthling tour.

September 5
Heather sent in a work-in-progress, a sequel to Labyrinth

September 4
Karin sent in four Bowie poems for the poetry section.

September 3
Daniel Swedin sent in another poster from the Young Americans US flag photo shoot.

September 2
Zig Dust sent in a scan of the Philippine pressing of Scary Monsters, which proudly proclaims "Includes the Punk Rock Hit Singles - 'Ashes To Ashes', 'Fashion' & 'It's No Game (Part 1 & 2))'
Jennifer sent in a new piece of Bowie-inspired artwork.

September 1
As a special treat for the first of the month, we now have the official track times for the 'hours...' album. Looks like just over 47 minutes of music to anticipate.

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