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Additions to Teenage Wildlife in October 1999

October 31
Just in time for Halloween, Mr Pink sent in an entire story based around the tracks and lyrics of Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
Vernard sent in five more reviews of 'hours...' from North American papers, and along with Martin H. a pointer to a positive NME review (!?) of the Paris concert.
More comments on the Mark and Lard performance from another attendee.

October 30
Icarus sent in four snaps of the band as he caught them sitting down for a snack before the WB Radio Music Awards.

October 28
Lorelei Lee sent in a couple of snaps from behind the scenes at the Wetten Dass show from a couple of weeks ago.

October 26
Aoiffe (aka Yvonne) sent in a poem titled The 13th Hour inspired by "a little obsession I had with the movie Labyrinth" (her own words).

October 25
Dara O'Kearney has the latest chart watch with the third week's numbers on 'hours...'.

October 24
Helen Fayle has a novel length Labyrinth sequel which she is looking for feedback on.

October 23
RaMOANa, Doris and Gilly all contributed personal photos from the NetAid Wembley concert, while Gilly also sent in four closeups from the Dublin concert.

October 22
exclusive Read Dara O'Kearney's 'hours...' review
Fridaaaa sent in a photo from the Paris show, while Doris sent in two photos from outside the Vienna hotel where Bowie stayed for his Vienna show.

October 21
Carl Dooley sent in the tale of his Bowie close encounter from two years ago on the Earthling tour.

October 20
Cat sent in the transcript of a short interview which ran on VH-1's Talk Music show in Europe over the weekend.

October 19
Joan S. sent in the Reuters review of 'hours...' which ran in the Washington Times yesterday.

October 18
Dara O'Kearney has the latest chart watch with 'hours...' debuting in the top 10 throughout Europe.

October 17
Jalber S. sent in the lyrics for Madman.

October 16
Fred Walder sent in a long and comprehensive review of the Elysée Montmartre concert; once again, highly recommended reading!
Also linked to Marcel's review of Elysée Montmartre complete with pictures and story
Philippe Auliac sent in more photographs from Paris afterparty (closeups of Gail Ann and Mike!), as well as snaps from the Les Années Tube television appearance last night.

October 15
Philippe Auliac sent in photographs from Paris at the hotel, press conference and waiting in line.
Leona sent in scans of the ticket and the infamous yellow bracelet used for the Elysée Montmartre show yesterday.
Ysengrin sent in five cartoon strips of Bowie humour.

October 14
Dara O'Kearney sent in a long and detailed review of the Dublin HQ concert. Strongly recommended reading! Almost as good as being there.
Villi sent in a scan of the actual NetAid ticket.

October 13
Leone Houillon sent in scans of the covers of two recent French publications with Bowie interviews: Keyboards and l'Optimum.

October 12
Kristina G. sent in a recounting of how she fell in love with Bowie.

October 11
Dara O'Kearney has the latest chart watch in which 'hours...' debuts at #5 on the UK charts, putting it ahead of Outside and Earthling.
Ruud has updated his Illustrated db Discography to v10.2.1.
Bonster sent in some of the nice photographs which appeared in the Sunday Times and USA Today a few weeks ago.

October 10
Tony Bonyata sent in a Halloween Jack O' Lantern - specially in time for Halloween!

October 9
Alan M. sent in lots of video snaps, a RealAudio interview from BBC2, and we also have Quicktime 4 audio versions of the Internet broadcast on the Wembley Concert Page. Check it out!

October 8
Added pointers to more 'hours...' reviews.

October 6
Adam Dean suggested adding a link to the Perpetual Calendar on the Thursday's Child page to find out what day you were born. See the Trivia section.

October 5
This October's Q Watch is contributed by Mireille O'Kearney. She transcribed the long interview which we've put on the Q page.

October 3
More than a few people sent me the scan of the cover of October's MusikExpress, which includes a five page article on Bowie along with a recent photo (unlike the cover, which is from 1995) (from Sand, Gilly, Doris and Thomas)
Added a partial attempt at lyrics for We All Go Through.

October 2
Dara, Vern and Sarah sent in pointers and clips of reviews for 'hours...'. See the review section. The Addicted To Noise interview by Gil Kaufman is particularly comprehensive, including music, audio and video clips.

October 1
Ruud has updated his Illustrated db Discography to v10.2.

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