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Site Updates November 1999

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in November 1999

November 30
Ruud Altenburg sent in a scan and information about a special edition of The Buddha of Suburbia album.

November 29
Hans Morgenstern sent in his article which he wrote for the current Goldmine magazine on the EMI back catalogue and an 'hours...' review.

November 28
Philippe sent in video snaps from the CANAL+ rebroadcast of all but one of Bowie's songs which he performed last month for the French television program.

November 27
Ruud updated his illustrated discography to version 10.3.3.

November 25
Janet and peterpuck sent in some photos from last Friday's Kit Kat concert.

November 24
Charlie sent in her own signed ticket from Conan O'Brien while CaZ sent in six pictures from the melee outside the NBC studios.

November 23
Dara O'Kearney has the latest chart watch with 'hours...' now trying to sustain itself on the back of the Thursday's Child single.

November 22
Added a scan of the Kit Kat Klub passes. If you have additional pictures, photos which you'd like to contribute, send them to webmaster@teenagewildlife.com.

November 21
Jina Giannopoulou sent in a Bowie-inspired poem.

November 20
NarcissusPaige sent in three beautiful paintings for the fan artwork section.

November 19
Frode and Sean D. sent in scans and information on the EMI 17-track sampler distributed to promote the EMI rereleases.

November 18
CaZ sent in a signed ticket from the Conan O'Brien show, and we've added video snaps from both it and yesterday's Rosie O'Donnell show.
Ernst sent in five press photographs from this year for the 1999 Pictures section.

November 17
DutchBowieFreak sent in his computer generated Commandeur Bowie.

November 15
Dara O'Kearney has the latest chart watch with 'hours...' now starting to drop on most of the world charts.
Halldor has a new pencil sketch of Bowie.

November 14
Orbette sent in an art contribution.

November 13
Daniel C. sent in a scan of the ticket from the Earthling show in Santiago, Chile.

November 11
Ralf K. sent in the track listings and information for the different versions of the Under Pressure 1999 remix single.

November 10
Sean D. sent in information about the 'hours...' press kit.

November 9
Dara sent in a review from Hot Press for the Dublin HQ concert.

November 8
Lizz sent in some snapshots from Bowie's only ever only ever concert in Israel.

November 7
Dara sent in November's Q Watch
Dara also transcribed an interview from the current edition of Hot Press which also makes for interesting reading.

November 6
Adam Dean sent in the transcript of an article/interview which appeared in the Melbourne weekly music paper, Beat.

November 5
Thanks to Bonster who sent in the highlights of the Rockline Interview from the other night.

November 4
Martyn A. sent in setlists for the two Sound and Vision shows at the N.E.C. in Birmingham on March 19 and March 20.

November 3
Omaha Perez sent in a Bowie portrait for the fan-contributed art section.

November 1
Dara O'Kearney has the latest chart watch with the fourth week's numbers on 'hours...'
Mikael sent in the setlist for Tin Machine's Hamburg, Germany concert.

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