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Site Updates February 2000

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in February 2000

February 28
Stardustgrrl sent in 14 sketches of Bowie for the fan contributed art section.

February 25
Ruud's Illustrated db Discography has been updated to v10.6.

February 22
Daniel Swedin sent in the track listing and cover scan for the Cat People soundtrack.

February 20
Doni sent in the setlist for Tokyo, Japan from the Zigy tours.

February 18
Philippe Auliac sent in photographs from the Paris press conference last year when Bowie was awarded his medal from the French government for contribution to culture.

February 15
Markus M. sent in scans and a little bit of information on the French double album package containing both Outside and Earthling.

February 12
Another GeorgiGirl painting for the fan contributions.

February 11
Peterpuck sent in a scan from an old photo taken during the Diamond Dogs tour.

February 9
Updates to Ruud's Illustrated db Discography now at v10.5.3.

February 7
Georgigirl sent in a painting for the fan contributions art section.
Dara O'Kearney sent in this week's edition of Chartwatch with the second week's numbers from Survive.

February 5
Added scans of front and back of the Survive 7" vinyl single.

February 4
iluvdbowie sent in a drawing of The Thin White Duke.

February 2
Lauryn pointed out two reviews of last week's Survive single.

February 1
Colin Creaven who runs the great Savage Jaw website, sent in setlists for Toulon and Belfort from the Outside tour.

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