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Site Updates March 2000

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in March 2000

March 31
GWTMH sent in more early press clippings and photographs, including the ostensible long hair cut, a Marquee Club program from 1966 and Hermione Farthingale in the Early On era section.

March 30
Updated track listing and provided the back scan of American Psycho soundtrack based on pre-release copy.

March 29
WLoveDB sent in some scans and interview from a Brazilian magazine story (sourced from the German magzine Stern) about the real Christiane F. - the basis of the Christiane F. movie.

March 28
Added the lyrics and an entry for Trying To Get To Heaven, the Bob Dylan cover which Bowie recorded sometime between the Earthling and hours... sessions and was mistakenly leaked to radio stations in Spain last year.

March 27
Calum Bennie sent in a wonderful picture he took during his first ever Bowie concert at the Apollo, Glasgow on the Heroes tour in 1978. Check out David's shades!

March 26
Myriada sent in a picture of a Bowie portrait which a friend airbrushed onto a sweatshirt for her, and which was so good she's now afraid to wear it!

March 24
Added the cover of American Psycho soundtrack.

March 21
John B sent in information about the Iggy Pop compilation The Heritage Collection which includes the hard-to-find Play It Safe Bowie collaboration.

March 20
GWTMH sent in scans from a very noteworthy collectible - the very first issue of the Mainman Fan Club magazine, published in late 1973, early 74. See the text for bits on the "nympho with the feather duster" and more.

March 19
Bowiegirl78 sent in a poem titled Dark Entries - An Ode to David Bowie.

March 17
Another addition to Spidergirl's Labyrinth fan art.

March 15
GWTMH sent in two scans for the Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence page; one of the movie programme and one of Bowie and Oshima together.

March 14
Philippe Auliac sent in eight pictures taken during the Thin White Duke's Paris 1976 performance which will be part of Philippe's exhibition currently set for June 2000.

March 13
TheNazGirl sent in a snap of Bowie with Lenny Kravitz for the pictures page.

March 12
GMG sent in a picture of Iman and Bowie from out and about in New York last year.

March 11
Andromache sent in a poem inspired by David for the poetry section.

March 10
Spidergirl sent in some Labyrinth fan art.

March 9
Ruud's Illustrated db Discography has gone through a revamp to reach v10.7.
Cindy Croft sent in a great story with wonderful pictures of her close encounter with Bowie at a KROQ acoustic show during the Earthling tour.

March 8
After a few months of a dead link, the complete lyrics archive is available in downloadable text form once again on the Music page in the Download all the lyrics section.

March 6
Einar Stenseng sent in two Windows desktop backgrounds for download.

March 5
Halldor sent in a artwork contribution displaying Bowie's ageing through the years.

March 3
Ophelia sent in a poem about David.

March 2
GeorgiGirl sent in a clipping from a 1960's fan magazine which chronicles the "long hair" episode of Davie Jones.

March 1
GWTMH sent in a report of her encounter with Bowie at the Virgin Megastore signing last December, along with a scan of the ticket and an autograph.

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