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Site Updates April 2000

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in April 2000

April 30
Added an entry for Top Of The Pops 2 Vol. 1 Box Set which includes Bowie's 1972 television performance of Starman.

April 29
Added an entry and scan for The Filth and The Fury, the soundtrack of the Sex Pistols documentary directed by Julien Temple; it includes The Jean Genie on the CD.

April 28
Alex A. sent in a scan of this year's Glastonbury ticket.

April 27
Almost 22 years to the day, Gerard L. sent in two pictures he snapped from Bowie's May 1, 1978 concert in Toronto, Canada. Gerard notes that he was so enthralled by the evening's performance that he showed up to work two hours late the next morning and promptly got himself fired. It was a blessing in disguise because he then became a musician himself with his own website.

April 26
Silverem sent in two new pieces of fan artwork.

April 25
Alex A. sent in scans of tickets from Tokyo and Dundee from the '73 tour; Charlotte and Philadelphia on the Diamond Dogs tour.

April 24
ZigDust sent in some higher quality scans of the hours... 12" vinyl promo for our perusal.

April 22
LadyStardust108 sent in some high quality scans of the photos from the Sunday Magazine "Fashion of the Times" article from last month.

April 21
Silverem sent in four more pieces of her artwork - including a humorous interpretation of a fan at a Bowie photo-shoot.

April 20
Dean H. serendipitously found the setlist to LA Sports Arena, 1990 on the back of an old ATM receipt as he was cleaning up.

April 19
Ruud has updated his illustrated discography to version 10.9, adding a new Pirates section which looks at illegal discs, counterfeits and semi-legal compilations.

April 18
Dawn7th sent in a poem titled Words of my Soul!.

April 17
Dean Hotta sent in a setlist from the US Festival 1983 concert which Bowie headlined and played the final set of the day.

April 15
Calum Bennie sent in two colour photographs and a scan of the ticket stub from the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow 1978 show.

April 14
Einar Stenseng sent in scans and all the details to create a page of its own for Lou Reed's Transformer.

April 12
Adam Dean sent in this article from his local newspaper about Bowie's son, Duncan Jones.

April 11
SpiderGirl sent in pointers to three of her Labyrinth-inspired stories for the fan contributions section.

April 9
Simone sent in some close-up photographs from last year's Dublin HQ concert.

April 7
John B. pointed out a hidden track on the recalled American Psycho soundtrack: a final dialogue between two characters in the movie about 5 minutes after the last song.

April 6
Ruud has updated his illustrated discography to version 10.8.

April 5
Mike sent in a unique picture of Bowie in Gotheburg, Sweden, 1983. The picture shows Bowie playing with Mike's own 7" released single - read Mike's story about it.

April 4
Added the full track information and links to CDNow for the VH1 Welcomes Storytellers album due out on April 25 with Bowie's version of China Girl from the VH1 Storytellers taping.

April 3
SilverEm sent in some of her paintings and drawings of Bowie.

April 2
Calum Bennie sent in two more outstanding pictures which he took at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow on the 1978 tour.

April 1
Lucy sent in her first piece of computer-generated artwork, called Purple Spaceboy.

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