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Site Updates May 2000

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in May 2000

May 30
Julian Priest sent in two pieces of art for the Fan Contributions section.

May 28
Added a single page for Seven.

May 26
Scanned in the tickets for Roseland 16th and 17th.

May 25
Added an entry for the year 2000 model of I Dig Everything from Castle Music.

May 23
Alex A. sent in 22 ticket scans from concerts on the 1990 Sound and Vision tour - too many to list individually. Just visit the tour page and look for the camera icons.

May 22
Christine sent in a couple of photographs from the Earthling era.

May 21
Moonsong sent in a song parody of Suffragete City called Stuffing and Chili.

May 18
Alex A. sent in seven tickets from the 1978 Heroes tour for the concert pages. They are Houston, Madison Square Garden (2), Madison Square Garden (3), Vienna, Stafford, Earl's Court, London, Melbourne,

May 17
Jareth74 sent in a picture of Bowie and Iman from Australian magazine New Idea.

May 16
Stephen Kelly sent in even more of his personal photos - this time from Bowie's Philadelphia Tower Diamond Dogs shows (plus a bonus of Stephen himself with Mick Ronson in 1975).

May 15
Pete Pearce sent in two personal photos and a ticket scan from Bowie's 1983 Hammersmith Odeon Brixton charity concert.

May 14
More photographs from Stephen Kelly - this time from Bowie's November 1974 Diamond Dogs tour appearance(s) at the Spectrum in Philadelphia.

May 12
Coldfyr sent in a scan of an ad for the Mainman-run "Bowie fan club" from the Diamond Dogs tour program.

May 11
Stephen Kelly sent in his own photograph from Bowie's feather boa-clad 1973 appearance at the Philadelphia Spectrum.

May 10
Silverem sent in a new Halloween Jack for the fan contributions section.

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