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Site Updates June 2000

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in June 2000

June 30
Anders Bjerre sent in five stunning photographs from last year's Vega, Copenhagen concert.

June 28
Tjeerd Stroo sent in three pictures from the second Rotterdam Glass Spider concert in 1987.

June 27
Brett Sinclair sent in a scan of the Monaco concert ticket from 1996.

June 26
Put up the first in a series of tickets Alex A. sent in for the Tin Machine 1991 tour.

June 25
Bladz sent in a piece of computer-generated artwork for the fan contributions section!

June 24
More concert pictures from Doris P. from Monday's Roseland show.

June 23
Added JohnO's photos of the forlorn line outside Roseland for the cancelled Saturday show and of Bowie arriving and performing for the Monday concert.

June 22
Added Fred Walder's review for the Monday concert.

June 21
Added a review of Friday's Roseland concert and links to press reviews of Monday's concert.

June 20
SilverEm sent in a couple more Labyrinth related pieces of art for the Fan Contributions section.

June 19
Ruud's version 11.1 illustrated discography has more rare RealAudio outtakes!

June 16
Kirsty Mather sent in a poem titled My David Bowie.

June 15
Ben O. sent in a great transcription + scans of photos from the January 1988 Words And Music magazine interview.

June 14
Brian (aka Arnold Corns) sent in a collage of album covers he calls "Changes".

June 13
Alex A. sent in 22 ticket scans from the 1983 Serious Moonlight tour.

June 11
Karma Pandora sent in a new piece of fiction, Dead Man Walking!

June 10
Jareth74 sent in a ticket scan from the Sydney Serious Moonlight concert.

June 8
Karma Pandora sent in a Labyrinth related fan-fic!

June 6
Alex A. sent in 19 ticket scans from concerts on the 1987 Glass Spider tour - too many to list individually. Just visit the tour page and look for the camera icons.

June 4
Dakobah sent in a computer generated piece for the Fan Contributions section.

June 2
Added the info and track listings for the UK and international versions of the Seven single due July 3.

June 1
Alex A. sent in ticket scans from the 1989 Tin Machine tour for Hamburg, Amsterdam, Town & Country Club and Newport.

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