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Site Updates July 2000

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in July 2000

July 30
Added a piece of artwork from Dakobah to the fan-contributed art section.

July 28
Added screen snapshots from the Yahoo! Music Awards show on Monday.

July 26
CatFromJapan sent in the setlist for Brixton, 1991.

July 25
Spidergirl sent in a drawing of The Man Who Fell To Earth for her contributed art section.

July 24
Helen Spak sent in another piece of computer-generated art for the fan-contributed artwork.

July 23
Gilly sent in six photographs from the first Roseland Ballroom Show in New York last month.

July 22
Philip Young and Martyn sent in cover scans of the UK versions of the Seven single released this past week.

July 21
Ben Oliveri sent in good scans of the following singles: Ashes To Ashes, Blue Jean and Day In Day Out.

July 20
Greg M. sent in the setlist and opening act info for San Jose, CA on the Glass Spider tour.

July 19
Ruud's Illustrated DB Discography has been revved to version 11.2, complete with new RealAudio outtakes!

July 18
GeorgiGirl sent in a photograph from up-front at the Glastonbury Festival. Check out the sideburns!

July 14
Dakobah sent in another piece of art: Ziggy Fresco!

July 12
Cherry sent in a piece of artwork titled Bowie Sun.

July 10
Silverem sent in another poem Love for Aladdin Sane which looks at what Aladdin Sane is left with when Ziggy passes on.

July 6
Jerome Soligny sent in the official David Bowie crew pass for act at Glastonbury 2000.

July 4
Ray Garcia sent in some amusing info about the opening act at Sacramento for the Sound+Vision tour while Doug Bailey noted that Joe Satriani was the opening act at Foxboro.

July 2
Kirsty Mather sent in a another poem titled My Whitelighter.

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