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Site Updates August 2000

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in August 2000

August 31
Artemisia sent in four pencil drawings for the artwork section.

August 29
Platinum sent in a better scan of the lenticular insert for 'hours...'.

August 27
Dakobah contributed another piece of artwork, this time an Aladdin-Sane rendering of an 'hours...' era Bowie.

August 25
Markx2 sent in a close encounter story based around his winning the Meet and Greet for the Bowienet show in June, but tells of the impact Bowie has had for many years on his life.

August 24
Heather M sent in three new chapters (Chapters 5-7) for the stories section.

August 22
Xander sent in a working pencil sketch and subsequent oil on canvas for the Fan Contributions section.

August 20
Lisa Birrell sent in a belated, but very amusing review of last year's Kit Kat Klub show, titled simply "I'm Afraid Of Armpits".

August 19
Jalber Segura sent in his best guess as to what Bowie actually sang on Al Alba, the bootleg only Spanish version of Day In Day Out.

August 18
Adrianova sent in more artwork based on album covers for the Fan Contributions Page.

August 16
Kirsty Mather has a new poem to celebrate the birth of Alexandria Zahra Jones.

August 14
Isabel and Luis C. sent in a striking photo from Bowie's February 20, 1996 Paris concert.

August 13
Dakobah sent in a new piece of artwork called Ziggy 2002.

August 11
Matt Day sent in the set list for Newport, 1989 on the Tin Machine tour. Matt was the guy who queued for 3 days outside the box office to get tickets!

August 10
Krettis sent in his interpretation for a 2. Contamination cover.

August 9
Dean G. sent in the track listing for the Almost Famous soundtrack which includes Bowie's 1972 rendition of Waiting For The Man.

August 8
He's been away for a while, but Iscariot Lox is back with a new piece of artwork inspired by Bowie's recent locks.

August 7
Adrianova contributed three pencil sketches for the fan contributions section.

August 6
Isolar sent in a poem for the fan contributions section.

August 5
Stephen sent in a scan of his 1978 concert ticket for the Apollo in Glasgow.

August 4
GWTMH sent in a scan of the official poster for the BowieNet Roseland show.

August 2
Added a piece of artwork from Bladz to the fan-contributed art section.

August 1
Ruud sent in two new ticket scans: Rotterdam and Brussels from the Sound+Vision tour.

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