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Site Updates October 2000

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in October 2000

October 31
GianLuca sent in a scan of Bowie displaying a brooding stare on the Serious Moonlight tour.

October 29
Philippe Auliac sent in a "snarling dog" photograph taken at the Paris concert on the first Tin Machine tour.

October 27
Paula Aucoin sent in a poem to David, titled Distorted Euphoria.

October 26
Spidey sent in a scan from the special edition of Walter Tevis' book The Man Who Fell To Earth for Sight And Sound. This picture has also been added to the Thin White Duke photographs page.

October 24
Dara's Chart Watch follows the fourth week performance of Bowie At The Beeb and the addition of Samantha Mumba's Body To Body single this week.

October 23
Tabythah sent in two pieces of Bowie related art for the fan contributions page.

October 20
Dara added a little tidbit of trivia which explains one of the verses in Law (Earthlings on Fire).

October 19
Alois sent in the set list for Cologne, 1991, a very special concert for him as he met his wife there!

October 18
Guy Polak sent in scans of October's GQ interview which have been transcribed into text for a good read!

October 17
Ruud made a few corrections to the illustrated discography for v11.5.1

October 16
Dara's Chart Watch follows the third week performance of Bowie At The Beeb.
Markx2 sent in two photographs from his "meet and greet" with Bowie after the June Roseland show for his close encounter page (scroll about two thirds of the way through), while EriWilde also sent in a picture from the same event for the concert page.

October 15
Brett Newman sent in a piece of art inspired by the back of the Outside album cover for the fan contributions page.

October 12
John B. and Manda updated the track times and listings for Reeves Gabrels' Ulysses as well as including the lyrics for Jewel, the song which Bowie sings on.

October 11
Guy Polak sent in a scan of a photo which Canadian paper company E.B. Eddy Paper used on the cover of their company publication.

October 10
Sue Law sent in a scan of Laurens van der Post The Seed And The Sower, the book which Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence was based upon.

October 9
Dara's Chart Watch follows the second week performance of Bowie At The Beeb.
Dennis McCann sent in three more Bowie portraits for his fan contributed art section.

October 6
Sean D. sent in scans of the Virgin USA three CD promo for Bowie At The Beeb.

October 5
Dara's Chart Watch returns with a look at Bowie At The Beeb's first week performance.
Guy Polak sent in a scan of the cover from the October GQ UK edition.

October 4
Sean D. sent in scans and track information for last year's Canadian promo hours... and brilliant minutes.

October 3
Guy Polak sent in a scan of the cover and two photos (extremely high quality!) from last October's Flaunt halloween issue.

October 1
Added the interview with Nicholas Pegg to the Complete David Bowie book page.

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