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Site Updates November 2000

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in November 2000

November 30
Simone sent in two close-up snaps from the TFI Friday appearance in June, along with an outside-the-studio shot from the BBC House special concert four days later.

November 28
An anonymous contributor sent in a ZIP file containing a David Bowie (and Iman) character for The Sims game.

November 25
Simone sent in two photos from last year's Astoria, London concert and one from Milan.

November 23
Rowena sent in four cartoon caricatures of various Bowie characters along with a painting for her art page.

November 21
Sysiyo sent in three drawings for the fan contributions page.

November 19
Brian G. sent in the cover scan for the new Goth Oddity 2000 album.

November 18
Jessica sent in a sketch of Ziggy for her art page.

November 17
Three more photographs from Simone from last year's Vienna concert.

November 16
Macanoid sent in two pictures, one of which he uses as his desktop background for his computer.

November 14
Dara's Chart Watch follows Bowie At The Beeb's second month performance.
Bladz sent in two pieces of art and the original picture she used to create them for her art page.

November 13
Simone sent in an extra three photographs from last year's Dublin HQ concert.

November 12
Dakobah added another two Ziggy stylistic works to his art page.

November 10
Philippe Auliac sent in a contact sheet and a full size photo of David Bowie and Bianca Jagger together in Paris, 1977.

November 9
Dakobah added two very cool graphic images to his artwork page.

November 8
Simone sent in six photographs from last year's Copenhagen concert.

November 5
Added a page for the King Crimson's Heavy Construkction box set.

November 3
Added an initial working page for Toy based on some of the information known to date. This will be updated as more info comes to hand.

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