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Site Updates December 2000

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in December 2000

December 29
Simone sent in four photographs including two from the Meet And Greet backstage after the BowieNet Roseland show in June.

December 28
Andromache sent in another poem to add to her fan contributions section.

December 27
Vanessa sent in a picture of Ronnie Spector, Joey Ramone and Bowie taken at last year's 1000th Rockline Show afterparty.

December 25
ZigDust sent in a scan of a French promo for Bowie At The Beeb.

December 23
Simone sent in five photographs from the first Roseland show this year.

December 21
Skyler sent in a scan of Tim Bret-Day's "crucifixion in flames" photo from the 'hours...' album artwork, along with a comment from the photographer himself about the making of the photo.

December 20
Jareth74 sent in a photograph of Bowie taken at last year's Paris show.

December 19
Kristin contributed a review she wrote a few months ago after a festival showing of Mr Rice's Secret.

December 18
Mike Arrow sent in a description of his 1983 trip to track down Bowie's cuckoo-clock residence in Vevey, Switzerland.

December 17
Found another photograph of Bowie with actor Bud Cort at the Film and Media Arts gala benefit in New York in late November.

December 16
Simone sent in another snap from the 1997 Leipzig Earthling concert.

December 15
Andrea Gem sent in another snap of the full band during the Roseland concert in June.

December 14
Mike Arrow sent in a painting he did in 1983 titled simply Ziggy Dead.

December 13
Nick sent in the transcript of Bowie's famous interview by William Burroughs which appeared in Rolling Stone in 1974.

December 12
Geoff sent in some interesting scuttlebutt and a ticket scan for the first 1983 Paris concert.

December 11
Nick (aka EuropeanCanon) sent in a transcription of Bowie's interview with NME in the December 2 issue about his own influences in winning the Most Influential Musician award in that same issue.

December 9
Four more Simone photos, two from NetAid 1999 and two from Paris 1999.

December 8
Aimee pointed out a photo taken a couple of weeks ago of Bowie and Iman at a Gala Benefit held at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

December 7
Flossie sent in the long awaited sequel to The Laughing Sheep, taking poetic license for All The Young Lambs.

December 6
Sylvie A. sent in four new poems for her poetry contributions.

December 5
Andrea Gem sent in a full stage-wide shot from the BowieNet Roseland show earlier this year.

December 2
Ruud updated his illustrated discography to version 11.5.2.

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