Teenage Wildlife

Site Updates March 2001

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in March 2001

March 31
Vicky Stardust sent in a piece of Ziggy Stardust artwork.

March 28
Vicky Stardust sent in a poem dedicated to Ziggy Stardust.

March 27
Ruud has updated his illustrated discography to version 11.6.1, adding some promo 12" picture sleeves.

March 9
Don Masecar sent in three ticket scans from Canadian shows: at Toronto, 1987, Toronto, 1990 and Niagra Falls, 1990.

March 7
Terri Stiffler sent in a professionally taken photo taken during the Earthling tour.

March 4
Terri Stiffler sent in eight pre-show Carnegie Hall photographs snapped outside the venue.

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