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Care to show off your pride in being a Teenage Wildlifer? Want to introduce other people to David Bowie and tell them about this Web site? Feel an urge to outfit your whole family in Bowie paraphenalia? Then you need to buy a Teenage Wildlife t-shirt!

T-shirts are 100% cotton white Hanes Beefy T's, professionally silk-screen printed and come in four sizes (S=Small, M=Medium, L=Large and XL=Extra Large).

Prices and Payment

Payment must be in United States dollars, either through check, cash, money order or bank draft. Sorry, I am not set up to handle VISA or non-US currency. If you have any concerns about payment, then you can email me and I'll see if we can work something out.

Note: I won't ship shirts until I have received the money (and in the case of a check, the check has cleared).
Updated November 10, 1997: Current quantities still available are:

You will need to fill out the order form below, together with all your delivery and postage details, then click the Enter Order button at the bottom of the page.

Step 1: T-shirt selection

Order Form
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Step 2: Delivery Details

Now you need to fill out your delivery details and how you want your order to be mailed to you. Please fill out all fields so that your t-shirt order can be delivered to you without incident!

First name: Last name:
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If you live in the United States, use the left hand side of the table, entering your state and zip code. If you live outside the United States, use the right hand side by selecting the Outside the US button, and then enter your country, postal code, geographical region (for determining postage costs) and whether you want your t-shirts to be airmailed to you.

United States Outside the US
State: 2 letter code Country:
ZIP code:
Numbers only please
Postal code:
Region: United States Region:
All US packages will be sent via First Class mail at the cost of $3 shipping and handling for up to two shirts, then $1 extra for each additional shirt. Airmail: Yes No
Your shipping costs will be calculated based on your geographical region and number of shirts and displayed on the next order confirmation screen. If you wish to change your method of shipping, press the Back button in your browser, and reselect an alternate method of delivery.

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