Teenage Wildlife

Roseland Ballroom

New York City, NY, USA
September 14 1996

Tour: 1996 One-off concerts
Information: Part of the so-called "Ballroom Tour" consisting of four dates in the US in September 1996.
Set List:
  1. Look Back In Anger
  2. Scary Monsters
  3. The Hearts Filthy Lesson
  4. Outside
  5. Aladdin Sane
  6. Voyeur of Utter Destruction
  7. Breaking Glass
  8. The Man Who Sold The World
  9. Hallo Spaceboy
  10. Baby Universal
  11. Jump They Say
  12. Under Pressure
  13. Heroes

    Encore 1

  14. Strangers When We Meet
  15. Little Wonder
  16. All The Young Dudes

    Encore 2

  17. Seven Years in Tibet
  18. White Light, White Heat
  19. Moonage Daydream
Recent Comments: One of the best Bowie shows I have gone to. Please e-mail me if you have a tape of this show. Will trade or pay for a copy. Thanks.
Peter (Petros67@yahoo.com)
Madison, WI U.S.A. - Monday, March 20, 2000 at 15:53:13 (EST)
Easily the best Bowie performance I have seen. The band (even though I missed Carlos) was ON. After a brief instrumental of "The Motel" the band ripped into "Look Back in Anger". Everyone of them looked insane, especially Gail with her mask on. Also got to see the "Earthling" coat for the first time. "Seven Years..." was played so loud it was almost painful to hear. Really one of the greatest (if not the greatest show) I have ever seen.
Mike Donnellan (Elvsbwie@aol.co.)
Brooklyn , NY US - Sunday, May 24, 1998 at 01:24:27 (EDT)
My set list for the Roseland show, 1996 Before the show during set-up: Telling Lies Look Back In Anger Scary Monsters Hearts Filthy Lesson Outside Aladdin Sane Voyeur of Utter Destruction Breaking Glass Man Who Sold The World Hallo Spaceboy Baby Universal Jump They Say Under Pressure Heroes Encore 1 Strangers When We Meet Little Wonder All The Young Dudes Encore 2 Seven Years In Tibet White Light White Heat Moonage Daydream Thanks
peter (petros67@yahoo.com)
- Thursday, March 12, 1998 at 16:27:31 (EST)

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Roseland video clip - 800K 
Quicktime .mov clip (approx 800K)!
Check out this video clip from the Roseland Show (this is from People Magazine).
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