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MuchMusic Awards

Toronto, Canada
September 23 1999

Tour: 1999 One-off concerts

Bowie will headline the 1999 MuchMusic Video Awards, performing one song from his upcoming 'hours...' album. Other performers include Red Hot Chili Peppers and Britney Spears. The show starts at 8 p.m.

MuchMusic USA is running a competition where you can enter to win tickets to the awards.

Set List:
  1. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
Recent Comments: The awards show was filmed on various outside stages around CTV. People who fitted the target audience (cute teenages) were given tickets to the area infront of the main stage, us oldies had to stand out on the street. After about three quarters of an hour Gail Ann Dorsey came out on stage with the rest of the band so I got ready. Tia Carrea (sp?) was asked a few questions then asked to intro the next performer, she did a good, brief one to the effect that the next guy shouldn't have to wait around 'cause he is a rock legend, then db came out. The performed All pretty things go to hell. The sound was a bit distorted out on the street but it still sounded great, the band did a great job and David was having much fun. He name checked the band, which for one song was a nice thing to do. Once he finished the crowd gave hime a good response and when he left the stage I and a lot of other people decided to call it a night. This was a great addition to my Holiday. I took some photo's, though I was a fare distance from the stage so I don't expect much.
Killerstraw (darrens@es.co.nz)
Christchurch, New Zealand - Saturday, September 25, 1999 at 11:58:36 (EDT)
My trip to Toronto turned into a Bowie moment!!! A friend and I wandered down Queen St to City TV about 7pm and joined a small crowd hanging arount the end of the red carpet. There were lots of teenagers screaming at lots of other teenagers but another couple from Nova Scotia had wandered down to seen db as well. After about an hour David got out of a limo and wandered down the red carpet, stopping just in front of us! That smile looks as good live as it does in all the pictures. He got a few screams from the crowd as well as a lot of "damn, he looks good" comments from us older fans. Public access terminal time up so Part two to follow.
Killerstraw (darrens@es.co.nz)
Christchurch, New Zealand - Saturday, September 25, 1999 at 09:29:18 (EDT)

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MuchMusic Awards 99
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