Teenage Wildlife

The Chance

Pougkeepsie, NY, USA
August 19 2003

Tour: Reality World Tour

Billed as a rehearsal gig for Bowie's Reality album and Reality world tour, this warmup gig over a month before the official start of the tour thrilled a small crowd of around 600 in New York state.

Set List:
  1. Reality
  2. Modern Love
  3. New Killer Star
  4. Cactus
  5. Battle For Britain
  6. Pablo Picasso
  7. Afraid
  8. Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
  9. Sister Midnight
  10. I'm Afraid Of Americans
  11. She'll Drive The Big Car
  12. Suffragette City
  13. Encore

  14. Fantastic Voyage
  15. Never Get Old
  16. The Man Who Sold The World
  17. Rebel Rebel
  18. Hang Onto Yourself
  19. Heathen (The Rays)
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