Teenage Wildlife

Western Springs Stadium

Auckland, New Zealand
December 02 1978

Tour: 1978 World Tour
None available

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Set List:
None available

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Recent Comments: I do have a few photos (4x) in color jpeg format taken on the night of December 02 1978 at Western Springs Stadium Auckland, New Zealand. Anyone want copies of these photos then drop me an email and i will forward onto you or the web site.... The first photo shows David at the synth playing the atmospheric opening of the show, it is dusk and there is a beautiful pink sunset behind him – wow! What a night to remember… The show was awesome!!! I Also have more from Davids same 1978 tour. These are from the Brisbane performance, Australia. ( 3x b/w & 2x colour photos - the b/w ones are fantastic) I have another 2x great candid photos of David in the Cook Islands on Rarotonga (taken between shooting scenes, while making the Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence movie) In one photo David wears his army uniform while sitting, in the other photo David is standing looking casual in his army green singlet. I was fortunate to take these photographs back in the day. However, the Brisbane concert photos were taken by an ex girlfriend, who has since passed away. Would you like me to forward these jpeg onto you for the website? They are ready to be sent if you want them. You are most welcome to them. FYI: Re the concert... BTW…The support act in Western Springs, Auckland stated on the ticket ‘The Angels’ from Australia. However, they didn’t play! No idea why they didn’t play. However, the replacement warm up was ghastly! ‘The Kevin Borich Express’ yet another Australian band - I think. Unimpressive with horrible lengthy guitar hero solos! Bowie didn’t need a warm up.
Selwyn (bellwood@woosh.co.nz)
auckland, au New Zealand - Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 01:57:13 (EDT)

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