Teenage Wildlife

Nissan Pavilion

Bristow, VA, USA
July 28 2002

Tour: Heathen Tour

Part of the Area Two concert festival tour in conjunction with Moby. Other artists include Busta Rhymes, Carl Cox and Digweed.

Special Internet-only presale May 1. Visit MTV's Area Two web page for details.

Set List:
None available

If you have an accurate setlist for this concert, please email it with the date of the concert as the subject to info@teenagewildlife.com

Recent Comments: Great!!!!! Best concert I've been to. Maybe I should start from the beginning: I was the brown-haired girl with glasses wearing the black shirt and jeans, sitting in section 204, Box P, seat 3. (I changed into my Heathen tour shirt for Bowie.) Well, we got there, and ASH, an Irish punk-rock band, had started. They were pretty decent, but they sounded an awful lot like blink-182. Then the Blue Man Group. Really worth seeing. Something new I learned from a fellow fan was that there are actually 28 blue men, not just 3. Well, I left to go watch those skateborders and eat dinner while Busta Rhymes came out. I did come back in right when he was cussing out the audience and then he left. By the way, did you see the guy up as Jareth? :) Bowie was amazing, but I thought it was Heroes when he signed that kid's autograph. He looked fanastic. Even my mom, who isn't really much of a fan, was raving on about how great he looked for 55.("He even puts Mick Jagger to shame!") I stood up for about the whole concert, my mom stood up for Let's Dance. (sheesh...) He looked like he was about to be sick for Heathen, but I s'pose it was part of his act. I also noticed he was driking a red sports drink (Cherry Gatorade? :) ) Another thing: During China Girl, I saw a guy with headphones running past my section somewhere very fast, looking really terrified. I didn't think of it much, but who knows... I didn't get to see Moby. If I'd known that Bowie would've some back out, I would've stayed. But mom was cranky and wanted home. Anyway, is definately worth it. ENJOY!!!!
Devin (iloveaudaz@yahoo.com)
Woodville, Va USA - Wednesday, July 31, 2002 at 20:39:57 (EDT)
By now, the set list is probably well known, but here it is: Life On Mars Ashes To Ashes Cactus Slip Away China Girl Fame Iíve Been Waiting For You I Would Be Your Slave Afraid of Americans 5:15 Heroes Heathen encore Everyone Says Hi Let's Dance Ziggy Stardust Now for some color. For me, this was the first show I had the chance to see this summer, having had to cancel out on tickets for Roseland and Royal Festival Hall, which were likely better gigs for the real fan (long story...) So, family and I traveled to the intense heat of the area for this show. My quest began about two weeks prior, checking brokers and ticketmaster everyday, until finally scoring 5th row center orchestra tickets from Ticketmaster itself. So, we saw it close. As has been described, Bowie came on before Moby. This Area2 thing is really carefully timed, everything clicked along on time, and in fact a big analog clock is at the side of the stage and I swear every artist was checking it between songs like some would look at a wrist watch. Takes away a bit of spontenaity. It was really hot! Like 100F. We showed up for Blue Man Group. I have seen them inside in Las Vegas. They are very entertaining and well worth watching, the shows change a lot. The problem is, after this, there is Busta Rhymes. He was visibly annoyed with the crowd for being to sedate, lecturing often and actually jumping into the crowd to intimidate an older fan who was seated during his set. This is, im my humble opinion, a totally classless person and act that lowers the status of this festival. I hate writing such a thing....maybe its an acquired taste but I will likely never acquire it. Bowie came on at 7:20, and it was still light. Actually, his lighted sign went up around 6:50, and the crowd cheered loudly, confirming a majority of fans were there to see him. Life on Mars started the set. After this, Bowie commented on being born in the area and attending Manassas University of Existentialism. He said he would just keep talking until the next song started, and he did. Other funny things - before Cactus, he announced the song as Pixies song, and when the crowd cheered he asked why they had not bought more of their records. When he finished Slip Away he said he was going to selling the )Stylophone?)s in the parking lot fo 19.95 after the show, in lots of colors. After I'm Afraid of Americans, which he introduced as an oldie from back in the 90s, he said "you like the oldies, huh?" to the applause. And, during the encore, he had a priceless exprssion during the line about being too hot during Everyone Says Hi. Heathen live is outstanding, a great guitar intro. Really comes alive, and it is already a good track. Good show, I recommend it. My wishes: The Sunday intro. from the Europe gigs, ANYTHING from Low, Moby on first (I am a Moby fan and his set was outstanding but really Bowie should play in the dark to benefit from the lights, but Moby's lights are also great, a longer set (not to be I expect), and, who knows, Moby inviting Bowie back for something like SOund and Vision with his band....(he did request it during the A&E broadcast!) One more item - Bowie signed an autography for a kid at one point, who happened to be sitting next to my daughter. He ran up during the instrumental break in Fame I think, and Bowie actually leaned over, god his red covered book and pen, and signed. So, the kid comes back to our row, sits next to my daughter, and - his pen DID NOT WORK !!!!!!!! No legible autograph. Just one of those things you see and note. I will catch the show again if the set list changes, but I will make a point of not even sitting in front of Busta Rhymes, I'll eat expensive pizza during his whole tirade......
Fred Walder (ftwalder@aol.com)
- Tuesday, July 30, 2002 at 16:13:45 (EDT)
A terrific show, all around. Bowie was in top form, and his band is superb. Slick adds a great sound on guitar - this band can really rock on numbers like IAOA, Ziggy, Fame, etc. Even the Heathen material had more of an edge to it. The set list is in one of the forums, so I won't post it here. I'll just add that the biggest disappointment for me was the audience. A lot of the older Bowie fans didn't seem to appreciate the hard edge to the sound, or know any of the Heathen material. A lot of folks were sitting in the front section. If you go, make sure to catch the Blue Man Group - outstanding! If anyone has a tape of this show, please contact me (dragpeace@yahoo.com). I can offer some arrangements in return. :)
dragpeace (dragpeace@yahoo.com)
Morgantown, WV USA - Monday, July 29, 2002 at 10:04:59 (EDT)

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