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July 15 2002

Tour: Heathen Tour

Part of the Summer Festival. More information can be found at www.summer-festival.com.

Set List:
None available

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pwgwg (wewgg2aol.com)
- Wednesday, December 31, 2008 at 19:24:34 (EST)
Hello! I want to tell everybody that I am extremely happy because I had the chance to see David Bowie live in Lucca on 15.07.2002! It was for the first time when I saw him live!! I waited 18 years for this event! I am David Bowie fan since early 80's, when I was in highschool. This summer I went to Italy especially to see his concert! This was possible with the help of my good Italian friend, Eloisa, who got me a ticket. We met before the show and walked in the square and saw the stage preparations. Then, during the concert, we stayed in the 10th row or so and saw David quite close!! I saw him so close by me, I simply could not believe it! He looks fantastic! When he appeared on stage the feeling was divine!! I felt happiness when he sang "life on Mars?", "Starman", "Let's Dance", "China girl", "Heroes", "Stay", "Fame", "Slip Away", "Changes", "A New Career in a new town"... I dreamt at this moment for 18 years! I can say I am happy now! If you want to share opinions about Bowie with me, please write me!
Diana (dianako@yahoo.com)
Timisoara, Romania - Monday, August 12, 2002 at 04:56:49 (EDT)
I' ve been waiting for that day for 10 years....so that in the moment I saw him right straight to me I had hearthache!! I swear I've never cold swept before!! I walked over people in front of me only to reach him. As far as concern the concert I think that location was not indicated for Bowie..he had to sing in a stadium!!! However he give his best...For long time I've listened to his voice only through a cold stereo and I 've never imagined he had a so great vocal extension,.... his peculiar "vibrating" was the most sexy thing I've never listened to... He seemed to had a very good time with the public, he joked by doing a puzzle with the song titles...so that we couldn't understand the upcoming performance!! I think he did it in all his dates and it was something pre-arranged...but he really seemed to be naturally enjoied... I could swear those smiles were sincere. What's more!! He is an icon, his double-image has inspired many artits for so long time...he did the story of 70's punk rock and he still can teach something, even if he has a totally new style. He has always known what "renovating and rebirth" means he is the duke glowing of a strange light...he is the starman and the the LEFT HAND PLAYER, he capture you with his fascinating charme. His charme is unique and captures men and women.. The group was amazing and fantastic, especially the girl at the bass and the drum-player. Bowie saved no energie..and for me he has given his best...even if for a fans it would be never enough! I like other singers and I saw their concerts..but I've never ever felt so involved since that day...I think I'll never forget this experience, I will always have his eyes in mine.. A special thanks to Andrea, because this experience wouldn't be complete without him... ..I WOULD BE KING AND YOU YOU WILL BE QUEEN AND NOTHING WILL KEEP US TOGHETER CAUSE WE COULD BE HEROES..JUST FOR ONE DAY Silvia
SILVIA MICHELINI (bluecat12@hotmail.com)
Rome, IT ITALY - Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 08:54:35 (EDT)

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