Teenage Wildlife


Munich, Germany
October 27 2003

Tour: Reality World Tour
None available

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Set List:
None available

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Recent Comments: Start: 20:50, End: 23:05 1,Rebel Rebel,Diamond Dogs,1974 2,New Killer Star,Reality,2003 3,Fame,Young Americans,1975 4,Cactus,Heathen,2002 5,Sister Midnight,The Idiot (Iggy Pop),1977 6,Afraid,Heathen,2002 7,China Girl,Letīs Dance,1983 8,Fall Dog Bombs The Moon,Reality,2003 9,Hallo Spaceboy,1. Outside,1995 10,Sunday,Heathen,2002 11,Under Pressure,,1981 12,Ashes To Ashes,Scary Monsters,1980 13,Fashion,Scary Monsters,1980 14,Never Get Old,Reality,2003 15,The Motel,1. Outside,1995 16,5:15 The Angels Have Gone,Heathen,2002 17,Loving The Alien,Tonight,1984 18,She'll Drive The Big Car,Reality,2003 19,Iīm Afraid Of Americans,Earthling,1997 20,Heroes,Heroes,1977 21,Heathen,Heathen,2002 Encore 22,Bring Me The Disco King,Reality,2003 23,Hang Onto Yourself,Ziggy Stardust,1972 24,Suffragette City,Ziggy Stardust,1972 25,Ziggy Stardust,Ziggy Stardust,1972
Claus (claus.fiebig@web.de)
Munich, Germany - Friday, October 31, 2003 at 12:51:04 (EST)

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