Teenage Wildlife

Vorst Nationaal

Brussels, Belgium
May 18 1983

Tour: Serious Moonlight Tour
None available

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Set List:
  1. The Jean Genie (intro)
  2. Star
  3. "Heroes"
  4. What In The World
  5. Look Back In Anger
  6. Joe The Lion
  7. Wild Is The Wind
  8. Golden Years
  9. Fashion
  10. Let's Dance
  11. Red Sails
  12. Breaking Glass
  13. Life On Mars
  14. Sorrow
  15. Cat People
  16. China Girl
  17. Scary Monsters
  18. Rebel Rebel
  19. I Can't Explain
  20. White Light White Heat
  21. Station To Station
  22. Cracked Actor
  23. Ashes To Ashes
  24. Space Oddity
  25. Young Americans
  26. Soul Love
  27. Hang On To Yourself
  28. Fame
  29. TVC-15
  30. Stay
  31. The Jean Genie
  32. Modern Love
Recent Comments: This was my first David Bowie Concert, and after I saw this I was sure that it wouldn't be the last one! As this was the first show of the tour Bowie did most of the songs they rehearsed, whereunder I great version of "Wild is the Wind", which was only performed a few times later on. David did a great job with the concept of the show, being very theatrical and with the songs chosen as a kind of "Best off"-playlist. The Sereous Moonlight Tour was surely one of the highlights in his career. This first show had a great Bowie in top condition with a perfect voice (except the high notes in the beginning and the middle of "Ashes to Ashes"). Great show!
Erik Vanhaecht (erik.vanhaecht@davidbowie.com)
Grimbergen, Belgium - Friday, December 08, 2000 at 18:01:00 (EST)

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