Teenage Wildlife

Freilecht Buhne

Bad Segeburg, Germany
June 17 1983

Tour: Serious Moonlight Tour
None available

If you have additional information about this concert (such as support acts, contact info, time), please email it with the date of the concert to info@teenagewildlife.com

Set List:
  1. The Jean Genie (intro)
  2. Star
  3. "Heroes"
  4. What In The World
  5. Golden Years
  6. Fashion
  7. Let's Dance
  8. Breaking Glass
  9. Life On Mars
  10. Sorrow
  11. Cat People
  12. China Girl
  13. Scary Monsters
  14. Rebel Rebel
  15. White Light White Heat
  16. Station To Station
  17. Cracked Actor
  18. Ashes To Ashes
  19. Space Oddity
  20. Young Americans
  21. TVC-15
  22. Fame
  23. Stay
  24. The Jean Genie
  25. Modern Love
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