Teenage Wildlife

Carrier Dome

Syracuse, NY, USA
September 06 1983

Tour: Serious Moonlight Tour
None available

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Set List:
None available

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Recent Comments: This concert happened on the campus of Syracuse University in upstate New York during my first weekend at college in 1983. I bought about 8 tickets in Massachusetts shortly before heading to SU for my freshman year, figuring that being "the Man" with the tix would be a surefire way to meet new people in my dorm. It worked. Word spread and they were knocking my door down asking for tickets. "Let's Dance" was a huge hit that summer and the concert was a huge event to have happening amid all the whirl of starting college.
Echo (intangible103@yahoo.com)
San Francisco, CA USA - Tuesday, January 08, 2008 at 06:11:00 (EST)

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