Teenage Wildlife

Deer Creek

Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A.
June 12 1990

Tour: Sound and Vision World Tour
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Recent Comments: I attended this concert, and it was a very interesting experience. There were a few negatives, such as the fact that I was unable to get two seats together in the stadium, so I wound up sitting on the grassy slope. I thought I would be able to walk into the stadium during the show to get a closer look, but the burly guards at every entrance changed my mind. Also, although I had gotten there several hours early, I was detained by the door gastapo until I had checked my camera, causing me to lose a seat anywhere near the front of the grassy slope. I assumed that David was there the whole time, but shortly before the show, a helicopter landed in the field behind the venue, and though I never saw him depart, my guess is he was on it. During the show, which was incredible, I was torn between watching the little ant that appeared to be David and watching the giant video monitors, which provided a great view, but felt suspiciously like watching TV. There was one moment, however, that I'll never forget. I knew from watching videos of his other concerts that he would pause during the song "Young Americans", and that there would be a few seconds of silence before the crowd started roaring to fill the void. At that instant, before the hush had a chance to settle in, I sreamed for all I was worth. Nearly everyone there must have heard me... maybe even David himself. Anyway, it was a beautiful night, and I wouldn't have traded being there for the world. Perhaps the most memorable line of the evening, though, belonged to the woman just ahead of me at the claims booth on the way out: "I'm here to claim my salami."
Wendy Burke
- Monday, November 15, 1999 at 00:09:55 (EST)

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