Teenage Wildlife


Stockholm, Sweden
October 21 1991

Tour: Tin Machine 1991 Tour
None available

If you have additional information about this concert (such as support acts, contact info, time), please email it with the date of the concert to info@teenagewildlife.com

Set List:
  1. Bus Stop
  2. Sacrifice Yourself
  3. Goodbye Mr. Ed
  4. I Can't Read
  5. You Can't Talk
  6. One Shot
  7. Go Now
  8. Betty Wrong
  9. I've Been Waiting For You
  10. Baby Can Dance
  11. You Belong In Rock 'n Roll
  12. Amlapura
  13. Baby Universal
  14. Debaser
  15. If There Is Something
  16. Heaven's In Here


  17. Sorry
  18. Shopping For Girls
  19. Crack City
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